Looking Forward to the Future,
Balancing Model Testing and Numerical Simulation

The 30th American Towing Tank Conference (30th ATTC) will be held at the Naval Surface Warfare Center located at Carderock, from 3 - 5 October 2017. The Conference objective is to promote exchange of knowledge and stimulate research for the purpose of improving methods of model and full-scale experiments and numerical modeling for predicting full-scale performance of ships and marine installations. To accomplish this, scholarly papers on the design of facilities, equipment, instrumentation, experimental techniques, uncertainty assessment, correlation of testing, verification, validation, and application of methods of predicting full-scale performance, and formulating collective policy on matters of common interest will be presented.

The Conference begins with registration and a reception on Tuesday, October 3, followed by two days of presentations of peer-reviewed papers. Conference registration includes breakfast pastries, fruit and coffee each morning, the reception on the evening of October 3 and transportation to and from the event hotel to Carderock each day of the conference. Lunch will be available for purchase onsite during the conference.

The American Towing Tank Conference is leading the way to the future for the design, evaluation, and testing of marine vehicles, ships, submarines, ocean and environmental systems. The towing tanks of the world still have a significant purpose in performing experimental studies beyond our current numerical capabilities and base lining numerical predictions. ATTC Looking Forward to the Future, Balancing Model Testing and Numerical Simulation.